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Beer-Battered Onion Rings

GF Recipe Summary

Exclusive recipe from our Gluten-Free Gourmet Desserts Cookbook collection (pages 228-229)

Gluten-Free Beer-Battered Onion Rings: Using GF sorghum beer for a wonderful flavor enhancer, this recipe will produce some of the best onion rings you have ever tasted!

Beer-Battered Onion Rings are flavorful snack, meal additon, or appetizer that will remind you of Onion Rings you enjoyed formerly.

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Gluten-Free Beer-Battered Onion Rings
Batter Ingredients
½	Cup Sorghum Beer
⅓	Cup Buttermilk
2	Teaspoons Baking Powder
⅔	Cup White Rice Flour
3	Tablespoons Glutinous Rice Flour
¼	Cup Cornstarch
½	Teaspoon Salt
½	Teaspoon Pepper
Onions and Such
2	Medium Vidalia Onions, Sliced into Rings
	Olive Oil for deep frying (½" deep in a pan)
	Salt (to taste)

Approximately 50-60 onion rings.

Baker’s Tip

Fried onion rings can be kept warm in 300° oven for a short period of time (place onion rings on oven safe plate or bowl).

  1. In bowl, mix all batter ingredients until smooth.
  2. Add ¼ of the sliced onions and gently coat.
  3. Deep fry (few at a time) the onion rings in heated (hot) olive oil making sure to flip the rings so both sides cook to a golden brown color.
  4. Remove from oil and allow to drain on a plate lined with paper towels.
  5. Apply salt as desired and serve while fresh and warm.

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