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Preserves-Flavored Frosting

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Exclusive recipe from our Gluten-Free Gourmet Desserts Cookbook collection (page 79)

Gluten-Free Preserves-Flavored Frosting: A great way to introduce the flavor of your choice to your cake or cupcakes.

Enjoy the flavor of your favorite jelly, jam, or preserve in this simple frosting. Use seedless or regular varieties of preserves to create the perfect complementary icing for your cakes or cupcakes.

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Gluten-Free Preserves-Flavored Frosting
¼	Cup (½ Stick) Butter
1½	Cups Confectioners’ Sugar
1	Tablespoon Vegetable Oil 
¼	Cup Preserves (Flavor of Choice)
  1. Place the butter, sugar, and vegetable oil in mixer and cream together until smooth consistency.
  2. Add your favorite flavor of preserves and mix until evenly distributed.
  3. Add additional confectioners’ sugar if you require a thicker frosting (and/or omit the vegetable oil).

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