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Gluten-Free Recipe Conventions and Notations: In general, the following conventions and notations are employed throughout all our Recipes, here, and in our Desserts Cookbook.

This is a good list to keep handy when baking, as it is important to know the terminology, conventions, and practices put to use in various recipes.

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Recipes use USA / Imperial measurements throughout; all cup/spoon measurements are level, with Teaspoons assumed to be 5ml and Tablespoons assumed to be 15ml.

Baking/Cooking Temperatures are given in Degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

Ovens should be preheated to the specified temperature.

Though we strive to provide accurate typical preparation and cooking/baking times, actual times may vary; individual technique and equipment will affect preparation time, and cooking times will vary depending on the type of oven and pans used.

“Toothpick Test” refers to the practice of inserting a toothpick in a baked item, withdrawing it, and examining it for signs of “wet” or not-fully-cooked batter/dough remaining inside. Lack of wet material adhering to toothpick confirms doneness.

Where Eggs are used, they are Large Eggs at room temperature unless otherwise stated.

Where Vegetable Oil is used, we typically use Canola, but you may use whatever you prefer.

Where Cream Cheese is used, it is at room temperature (60-75°).

Where Butter is used in recipes, it is unsalted, and at room temperature (60-75°).

Where Buckwheat is used, it is of the “Light” variety unless otherwise specified.

Sugar refers to granulated white sugar unless indicated otherwise.

Milk is 1% (butter fat) type unless otherwise indicated.

When Sour Cream is used, choose a variety without added gums and thickeners since such additives may alter the consistency of your baked goods.

Brown Sugar is Light Brown Sugar unless indicated otherwise, and measurements always refer to packed quantities.

Almond Paste can be purchased or made from scratch — see this Blog entry I wrote about Gluten-Free Almond Paste for more information.

Starch and Flour are interchangeable. I.e., Tapioca Starch or Tapioca Flour are considered equivalent, and so forth.

Glutinous Rice Flour is the same thing as Sweet Rice Flour.

GF is shorthand for “Gluten-Free”.

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