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Black Forest Bundt Cake — Dairy Free (Variation)

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Gluten-Free Black Forest Bundt Cake — Dairy Free (Variation): A wonderful dairy-free variation of our Chocolate and Berry-Accent Bundt Cake

This is a simple VARIATION to the Black Forest Bundt Cake recipe that appears on Page 36 in our Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free Gourmet Desserts book>, to help extend the reach of more gluten-free desserts to those that also must avoid dairy too.

The chocolate bundt cake retains the delicious flavor and texture of the original, while removing any dairy ingredients from the recipe. The new variation uses soy (tofu) as a replacement for the Sour Cream, and the result is an incredibly moist cake with a nice sponginess that also holds up well over a period of a few days. In addition, you'll get a bit of extra soy-protein in your diet while eating your favorite gluten-free desserts.

Gluten-Free Recipe Card and Pictures

Gluten-Free Black Forest Bundt Cake — Dairy Free (Variation)

See below for the alterations to ingredients and baking instructions.

Here are some pictures of the gluten-free Black Forest Bundt Cake (this one used Strawberries with the chocolate) — from a couple different angles and magnifications, to give you a feel for what to expect. In the close-up view, you will see a strawberry towards the upper part of the cake; and in the whole-cake view, you will notice another berry on the surface / crust.

Chocolate and berries: yum!

Gluten Free Black Forest Bundt and Dairy-Free Bundt Cake


Ingredients Alterations


  1. REPLACE Sour Cream with 12 oz Container Soft Tofu* (drained)
  2. REPLACE Butter with Margarine
  3. INCREASE Baking Soda to 1 Teaspoon
  4. REDUCE Eggs to 3
  5. ADD ¼ Cup Water

*Note: I used MORI-NU Silken Tofu, soft — it comes in small box. Make sure the Tofu used is "soft" (not extra firm, etc).

Directions Alterations

At the point in the original recipe where we add Sour Cream, simply add the tofu instead. The soft soy-protein (tofu) will mix into the batter rather nicely and evenly distribute. Also, when it comes time to add the cocoa, flours, etc, instead add cocoa, flours, water, baking powder and baking soda; mix. (the change to original recipe being the addition of the water)

Bake time and remaining instructions remain the same.

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